SBS – Solid Bleached Sulfate : Comprised of fully bleached virgin kraft pulp (sulfate process) fiber. Excellent coated printing surface. Typically available coated one side only.

White both sides, good folding characteristics, medium strength, low density. Available in the following thicknesses: .008, .010, .012, .014, .016, .018, .020, .024.


CNK – Coated Natural Kraft : Also made of virgin kraft pulp, but unbleached. It generally has a good printing surface. but the backside of the board is a natural color. It is a stronger board than SBS that can enable a caliper reduction of 2 to 4 points.


CCNB – Clay Coated Newsback : Acceptable coated printing surface. Recycled base fiber. Coated one side only, back side grey. Moderate strength, average folding characteristics. Less expensive than SBS. Available in .016, .018, .020, .022, .024, .026, .028, & .030. Please check with us for availability. Unless we have stock on the floor this item is subject to a minimum order size. Please see NOTE below.


CCWB – Clay Coated Whiteback – Acceptable printing surface, white both sides, but the backside is not as bright as the front side. Moderate strength, average folding characteristics. Available in .016, .018, .020, .024, .026, .028, .030. Minimum order 10,000 lbs. Please see NOTE below.


FULL BENDING CHIP – Uncoated surface, moderate strength, relatively inexpensive board. Available in .016, .018, .020, .022, .024, .026, .028, .030.


CAST COATED FOLDING BOARD – King James Cast Coated folding board, excellent high gloss folding board. Outstanding Printing quality, moderate folding capabilities and moderate strength. Best when spot varnished only and not recommended for U.V. Coating. Available in .014, .016, .018, .020.

BLISTER BOARD – Special surface coating for blister packs. The surface coating is very delicate and requires special handling to prevent cracking. The surface coating provides full fiber tear even over ink when removing the blister. The mill guarantees the sheet to heat seal unprinted with acetate, butyrate, and propionate blisters when coated with a compatible heat seal lacquer. Poor folding characteristics. Not available in small quantities.

SPECIALTY BOARDS – There are various special use boards also available, though usually subject to minimum order quantities. These include Poly Board, refrigerator board, foil board, and others.

PLEASE NOTE: If you choose one of the recycled boards such as CCNB or CCWB you must lower your expectations regarding the final print quality. Recycled boards have a less consistent substrate, and therefore a less consistent coating. There will substantially more hickeys in the finished product, since the coating will pick off more than would SBS. Also, since we have to stop the press more often to remove hickeys there will be more color variation. In addition, recycled boards are never as white as SBS and the colors (being transparent) will not come out as true as they would on SBS.