After our initial conference the typical timeline leading to the production of your package is as follows:

Determine the packaging cost

We will price the packaging and submit our quotation based on the packaging requirements as we understand them to be.

Approve the physical package

When you decide to proceed with the packaging we will produce a CAD sample of the package we have quoted.

Produce the die vinyl

Once you have signed & returned the sample we will produce a vinyl (a CAD drawing of the outline and scores of your package). This vinyl should be used to produce the artwork. It is very important to use the vinyl to create the artwork to insure proper fit, orientation, and bleeds.

Produce a proof of the job

When we receive the film or art we will produce a proof of the job as we understand it to be.

Begin production

Only after the proof and physical sample has been approved and returned to us can we begin production. This is for both our customer’s protection and ours.

Print the package

If the package is to be printed, the first step is the offset printing process. We can print up to 5 colors or 4 colors and a coating in one pass. If your job requires more colors than that, the printing process will take at least two days.

Foil stamping, embossing or coating

If a carton is either foil stamped, embossed, or receives a special co usually done prior to the diecutting process.

Diecut the package

Once the package has been printed and has sufficient time to dry (usually 72 hours) the printed sheets will await their turn on the diecutter. Like Printing, diecutting involves a careful setup process known as makeready. On very complicated forms the diecutting makeready will take several hours.

Waste stripping

When all the sheets are diecut they will go to our stock rt stripping department where the waste area of the sheet is stripped away from the cartons and the cartons are stacked ready for the gluer.


Diecut and stripped blanks will then wait their turn on the gluers. These machines will fold and glue the cartons which will then be packed flat in corrugated cases after undergoing a final inspection.


The entire process, structural design to finished carton usually takes 2 to 3 weeks, but can take as long as 4 to 6 weeks. While we can often do some things simultaneously, certain operations can only be done in sequence. We will always work hard to meet your needs and keep our commitments, but as in any custom production process, the unexpected can occur. If we do experience a delay we will try to keep you informed on the progress of your job.

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